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Another sleepless night

Once again my mind is spinning. No rest for the wicked as they say. Every night the same I spin and turn and spin some more. It's like an endless soap opera that you can not mute. I wonder sometimes if I'm going insane or is this at least what it feels like. The strangest things go through my mind. Like did my daughter pack her lunch? Will I die of heart disease? Does Johnny Depp have to dye his hair? Will the leafs ever win the cup? Baha that I very much doubt. I've tried sleep meds, all natural remedies nothing helps. I'm on a constant state of repeat. I know it comes with my disorders but I still can't seem to get used to it. Some days I get so mad at myself for being this way. To take meds everyday just to have normalcy in my day, in my life. Some days it's so hard to get out of that bed. Not just because I don't sleep all night but because my heart and mind feel so heavy. Then it spins like a top at the same time. Most of my sleep issues I believe stem from just that I lay there head spinning round and round. Thoughts consuming my mind, some good some bad some just mundane like to much laundry to fold! I suffer from insomnia among a list of other things. I struggle every day every night even for a nap!
What can one do with all this extra time? Does anyone have thought of suggestions? Who else suffers? What do you do?

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