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As seen on TV Rolling Hills Asylum

Rolling Hills Asylum!!!

And our Journey begins
No ghost hunt is complete without your EMF detector!

The night began with a group wake up call when we were told there was no heat in the entire building except for a place they refer to as the green room. Of course items are found here available for purchase drinks, apparel etc... exactly what you would except to find. Forgot your gadgets don't fret Spooky Steph and her misfit crew will have something for you! On my trip they were selling EMF detectors and obviously I now have one in my collection, something I use on all my ghost hunts now. You don't need anything fancy just a phone will work there are so many free apps etc, the most effective method is with our eyes and ears, feeling the energies that are all around us. Plus so many people bring things and are mostly willing to tell you all about it even let you have a gander at there evidence.

The "green room" the only room with heat!
Long night
By mid way through the night I realized there was no keeping warm and I was just going to have to go with it, if I expected to actually see or hear anything so I wrapped up and got to work.

Just plain creepy!!!!
The door that closed on Jason in Ghost Hunters!

Trying to stay awake
Dark and mysterious hallway
Me warming up in the green room! It was freezing
  Have you ever wanted to be a ghost hunter? Maybe like me you thought that kind of thing only happens on TV (ghost hunters etc)? I am about to share with you a awesome secret, ANYONE can be a ghost hunter for a small fee (depending on adventure). For this journey I went to the Rolling Hills Asylum in Bethany, New York. Expense for this trip is a little higher. Being that its an overnight bus trip. You travel in a group on the bus to location, while on road you receive a buffet style dinner. Then the journey continues to the destination.
  I was in awe when we pull up the drive not exactly as I expected, to be honest it looked more like a condemned building. The only way you could tell it was meant for people was the large entrance sign on top of the door. Upon arrival we are taken to the green room. The ONLY room that's heated in the whole place (I suggest not going in January as I did). It was freezing! We were taken on a tour of the asylum and showed some of the hot spots (places with high activity). After which the place went dark and we were left to our own devices, free to roam pretty much anywhere. 
  Is Rolling Hills Haunted? HMMM! thats a good question I would love to say yes without a shodaow of a doubt but that would be a lie. LOL in all honesty the place was indeed creepy. There was also an energy in the air almost a heaviness in some of the rooms we entered. My EMF detector did go off  several times throughout the night. I was also able to have a couple of small conversations. Unfortunately I did not see an actual entity with my own eyes. I did see some shadows.  A few voices were caught on other peoples equipment but with that many people wandering around its hard to say for a fact they were paranormal. I am always on the look out for proof of the other side, but I am also aware that there are many natural reasons for most of what we think is "paranormal or a ghost". Our night wrapped up about 3 AM my head was spinning with excitement So is Rolling Hills haunted? You be the judge!

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