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charging an item ie; pentacle


Why charge your item:

Magically charging it makes it in tune with you personally rather than just some mundane impersonal object.  Not only that but you charge it with the magical properties that are important to your personal needs, desires, situations, etc. therefore making it specifically fashioned for your current living situation.  In that way it can be quite an ally for you, in conjunction to other types of magic you perform.  So in reality, I do not see why not.  Charging an item that you wear, like a talisman, pentacle on a necklace, ring, or whatever, is to benefit you in some way.

Charging your item:

First think clearly on exactly what magical properties you want to instill into it.  Maybe it won't hurt to clearly write out a list.  Here is an example list:  Protection, Strength, Healing, Power, Psychic abilities, Love, Attraction.....etc.  You get the idea.  

Once you know exactly what you want to charge it with, find a comfortable spot inside or outside (although I prefer to do this outside), sit down and relax.  Close your eyes and try to clear your mind til it is like a blank canvas.  Once you have done that, pick up your item, clasp it in both hands loosely, and bring to your mouth, making sure there is an opening to breath into your item.  Think of the energy running up and down your spine and then jetting down your arms, into your hands and going to the item.  Feel more energy coming into you from the top of your head, down your spine and taking the same route to your hands.  Then one by one, start putting the magical properties you want into the item.  Starting out with something like protection....mantra the word into your item, while focusing on the word itself,especially the meaning, as you are breathing the word out loud into your item.  When you sense you have filled the item with that property, move on to the next attribute you want into it, and so forth til you have fully charged it with all the attributes you want.  When the item has absorbed it all, it is common to feel a tingly sensation while holding the item, or some other kind of sensation that indicates a charged object.  After you've done it, do this at least a few times a year as needed to keep it nice and charged.

  1. a talisman or magical object, typically disk-shaped and inscribed with a pentagram or other figure, and used as a symbol of the element of earth.
    • another term for pentagram.
    • one of the suits in some tarot packs, corresponding to coins in others.

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