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Downtown Ghost Walk

 Haunted Hamilton Downtown Ghost Walk

Another fantastic adventure with my favorite ladies! 
Do you believe in ghosts? 
My family does about 5 years ago we lost my dad to heart disease not that we didn't believe before but losing him definitely gave us reason to seek out the paranormal. In our town we have a group called Haunted Hamilton, they give haunted tours all over North America as well as put on several ghost walks a year in our own home town. Even if you don't believe in ghosts these tours have an historical value to them as well through stories you get sent back in time. Plus the opportunity to learn things  about the city you live in or a visiting you didn't even know. For instance in our little  city the famous Jack the Ripper once played and in fact it is possible he actually came from this area and just before being caught took off to Europe where he went on to kill many other ladies of the night. But that's just the tip of the ice burg. We went to the old Tivoli and stood on the 4 corners that haven't changed in over 100 years. If that doesn't tickle your fancy maybe hearing the stories of the hangings that occurred in our very own town. And you thought Canadians were civilized.  Thought the stories of Spooky Steph we travelled through time and explored our great city. I'd go again in a heart beat.

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