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 The rainy, damp weather made it a perfect night for a ghost hunt. Also made for a slightly cold atmosphere in an abandoned warehouse without heat (LOL) but overall it really wasn't bad. The night started out great Spooky Steph got us vamped up with a small history lesson as well as telling us what the future plans for the building are. Unlike previous investigations we were not split up into smaller groups which I have to say was not the best idea in my opinion it caused a lot of cross contamination.  It was a fairly large group of people and most including us had a few tools of our own.With such a large group there were many cameras going off (hard to get evidence), plus the amount of flashlights everywhere. For the most part the fellow hunters were great, friendly people I always make new acquaintances at these things. However we did have two screaming girls and a pair of boys that were obviously not having fun. Thankfully these couple of hiccups were not enough to ruin the night. But did make it hard to complete a true investigation. Not to complain because just being there was awesome seeing the amazing building in it's original state history in the making.
 For tonight investigation we started on the main floor we heard small safety speech from Safety Scott (Steph's man). We also heard from Wooster and Brad, they gave us the run down on the itinerary for the night as well as equipment and usage. As usual these guys were great just enough humor to make it fun but not to take away from the seriousness of investigation. After this point we were let off our leashes and allowed to roam free all over main floor and basement of the building. Considering the age of the Mill it was in rather good shape. What a great opportunity to do some of our own investigating (smaller groups would have made this better) which is exactly what we did. Nothing much happened at first we did get a few small hits on the EMF so we continued exploring. walking around the different areas of the building you could feel and small the difference in the air around you feelings of slightly light headed. We found a small room off to one side where no one else seemed to be hanging out as soon as I approached the hall toward the room my throat became tight almost like it was closing off, as I got closer to the room I felt a great weight on my chest like someone was sitting on me. You could tell right away there was something in this particular room my mom and girls all felt it also. We decided this would make a good starting place, we got out our meter and recorder and began to ask some questions. First we spoke to a man who worked at the mill, he died in an accident there. We also spoke to a female entity they claimed to have followed us there, that she was a female that we knew and loved. We did name a few women who have passed away but received little or no response, Our spirit friend made it clear she only wanted to talk to us and did not like too many people in the room when this would happen the meter would just give dead air no responses, as soon as people left boom the EMF would start lighting up again. We spoke to her for a little bit, everyone got to ask a question or two and get some responses. It was fucking Awesome!!!! At that point the screamers returned, so we got out of there! Even the guide came to make sure they were okay as it got to the point of annoying. Moving along into the night not too much went on, besides a rogue pigeon flying around, we saw no shadows or anything else visual to my knowledge nothing was caught on film last night. I did do some recording but all that still has to be analyzed. Our best experience of the night would be getting to talk my dad. I was at the other end of the place trying to steal some quiet time. It didn't last long  and my girls were calling me, "PaPa is talking to us." I was amazed and relieved to hear he likes it where he is and now pain free. I am hoping to have caught a name of a voice on recorder to solidify our experience. Ghosts and meters have been known to tell fibs. (HAHA)
 The Spooky Misfits had different devices going all night. K2 meters, digital recorders etc....At one point they used a spirit box and asked a bunch of questions. Again way to many people to properly analyze and distinguish whose voice is whose.
From the time we spent there and our own personal experiences I can not currently say that Cannon Knitting Mills is haunted!  I do believe there is something there you could honestly feel it in the air. However at this point we do not have the evidence to back it up.

 My mom, my girls and of course ME! At Cannon Knitting Mills

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