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Haunted Hamilton Place or is it?



My family and I are huge believers in the paranormal. This adventure was at Hamilton Place (as it will be forever known by Hamiltonians)

Ever since I was a kid I have been a believer in paranormal activities. So needless to say I was super excited when my surprised me with tickets to investigate The Hamilton Place theater downtown. This was my second investigation and I am officially addicted. We all wonder whats on the other side whether you are a Christian or follow your own path. The age old question of what's beyond this physical place. I've been on a quest to find out and now I have my mom hooked also. Tonight's adventure was full fun and packed with communication with the other side.


As usual the night was a blast. We were split into two groups. we first had a tour conversation in the theater area, where we did in fact seem to encounter a lady. They had a thermal imaging camera set up facing us in the theater.  We were all just talking, Steph was asking questions and my EMF was going off repeatedly answering all sorts of our questions and then on the camera there was something behind me and the gentleman next to me. So we persisted and asked more questions. Possibly irritate him, get a  physical response. The figure then went and sat in the lap we determined she was lonely. From there we got to go through the backstage and explore. A man had a thermal camera in his bag of tools, And wouldn't you know I had a yellow figure standing behind, this lasted a little while and as hard as we try we can not recreate it. This figure followed us for quite a while throughout the second floor. As a group we also used a spirit box and asked some questions we did get some responses as well as the k2 going off. Things got pretty exciting when we moved down into the auditorium. They had some more equipment set up that was much like the kinect for wii. We sat in the seats and asked questions. Not only did my meter as well as several others go off at the same time, once again I had a figure behind me that moved to the lap of the gentleman next to me. Oddly enough it was a woman spirit which we discovered through questions she had taken a liking to the man next to me. The night ended with a big good-bye from the entire misfit group and we were headed home.
Judging purely from our own experience I do believe that Hamilton Place is haunted!  

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