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Medication Maddness

It's a hard enough life being born with mental issues. The constant struggle to keep in check to not embarrass our friends and family. Then you come to pick up your medication and find out after several days of waiting. Guess what prescription is STILL not ready. Long story some what short LOL is I called Shoppers Drug Mart on Friday asked for them to fax my doctor I needed a refill on my prescription. One that is time sensitive as it is you're only allowed so many. I suffer from many conditions one being terrible anxiety. Let's just say dealing with these people does not help this situation. It's now Tuesday and still no approval? How strange. I've called several times it's been faxed they waiting on my doctor. I call my dr office NO fax! Turns out they had been sending to the wrong doctor. At that rate I would never get my refill.
This wouldn't be soooo annoying except it's an ongoing issue with this Shoppers every time I order my meds there is issue. For someone with my problems it's very hard to keep from getting frustrated. Lashing or freaking out. The poor cashiers look at me with fear in their eyes unsure of my next move. Melt down ensues I just can't take the stupidity anymore.
To top it all off I now sit here and wait for it to be filled after your mistake. CRAZINESS!!!! Does anyone else have these problem? Does shoppers cause you grief?

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