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Preschool Terror

PreSchool Terror

 My youngest daughter Teagan has always been a handful. It started with incidents at the babysitters. Taking toys from other kids, throwing out or dumping unwanted food in toilet, the occasional pinch etc....At first I assumed she was just finding her place with the other kids. Showing them she's not a push over, I made her apologize , I gave her consequences took her away toys etc. Nothing phased her, she would just look at me with that twinkle in her eye, say she was sorry and then repeat the whole process the next day. Overall I figured it was normal behavior...yes a little bit more at times but Teagan was a thinker.
 It was then time to start school Pre-K, things seemed to start okay, she liked her teacher, the kids. It was easy for Teagan to make friends she was always very outgoing. People liked her she was cute and in your face, she said what was on her mind. As a parent these seem like good qualities at least to a point. Then things started to take a turn for the even worse. It started small she took other kids things ie; lunch items, toys, markers etc. If Teagan decided she wanted something from you she would take it. It didn't stop there, not all children so easily give up there item. That didn't matter to Teagan oh no!!!! she would hit, pinch, grab and push. Week after week I was called into the school. Spoke to teacher, next step teacher and principal then the councilor was added into the mix.  Teagan had to sit by herself at carpet time, she had a separate table as she wasn't allowed to work with others. Now months have gone by countless times I had been called from work into the school yet another incident. She decided at lunch one day she wanted to play and was told it was time to eat, so she took her juice box and squirted it all over the place. Yet another trip to the school. Cant move classes there is only one. So what do you do with a child like that? A child not affected by discipline, time outs, favorite things taken away, standing in corner, no TV, you name we tried it and not just at home but school too. She now had indoor recess by herself, separated from kids on morning playground time, separate table in class, no carpet time it goes on and yet so did Teagan. She was an evil that couldn't be diffused. This escalated to the point I was called into the school once again. This time my 4 year little girl was referred to a malicious.....Malicious!!! How can a 4 year old be called something like that. She went on to tell my child was a bully!  I was shocked not my little girl. Then I found out why......Not only does she push and hit she says terrible mean things to the other kids, calls them stupid, ugly, tells them she won't be their friend, that no one will be. The list went on to a point she had gotten all the other kids so mad at her she was now forced to take a different set of stairs, out of fear the other children may gang up on her.
 She stole from the giving tree at the school, she got caught taking lollipops from the Dollar store. The stories daughter truly was a pre-school terror. No one can deny this fact.......Over the years she has had her ups and downs. Things at beginning of year always started off  well and basically went down hill from there. 
 She is far from perfect but I still love this kid with all my hurts every time we walk down this path. Does anyone else have issues like this with their children? How did you handle it? 

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