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The Runaway

My youngest daughter Teagan was born with what I've always referred to as a special gleam in her eye. That little sparkle that says yep!...I'm evil.  Ever since she was a baby she'd push your limits to the max.....shes the type of child you tell not to touch and as you are finishing the sentence her hand is coming out for that one more touch, uncaring of the outcome or consequence as long as it's her that has the last touch! A true bad ass. She was exactly the kid that you'd think of when and/or if you've ever thought a child may need a leash. She's the one you'd see pulling and tugging her hand free, crying out like she was being beaten because I made her sit in the cart and right around then is when it happened I became the parent I said I would never be.....I bought my child a leash!

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