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Up again!

Here I am once again almost 5am and I haven't slept a wink. Why do I suffer? I know I am far from the only one out there with this problem. Every night is the same. I lay down try to relax rest my head, shut off my mind. I have depression, borderline personality disorder as well as chronic PTSD that brings on crazy anxiety. There are times I lie in bed wondering how I'm going to die! Seriously I stress about such things, will I be ready when my time comes? Is anyone ever ready? My gram was that's for sure! I wonder if my kids are going to make it to college and how will I afford it if they do.......I take meds and I have some for sleep. They will help me fall asleep but nothing keeps me that way. Iave tried herbal remedies, I've drank teas, taken baths, ive even done yoga you name it I've tried it. My real issue is I never fully relax and just as my body begins to let go something inside kick starts me back into gear.
The real question is where does one fo from here? Will I ever get a decent night sleep?

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