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Basement Dweller @ Hillview Manor New Castle, PA with Haunted Hamilton

 The Basement Dweller

Written By: Willow Bluemoon

 One full night of investigating in the AMAZING Hillview Manor. This place did not disappoint. Our paranormal investigation started with a bus ride to New Castle PA from Hamilton Ontario Canada we set out around 2pm,we stopped for a great meal along the way at the Golden Corral a buffet style place that we do not have here in Canada. We arrived at location approx 730pm everyone was raring to go and super excited for what may lie ahead. As all or investigations it begins with a guided tour where you learn about the hot spots in the building as well as how to get around because after the tour it's lights out! We heard several stories along our trek, like Mary Virginia the sweet old woman with CP who lived at the Manor when it was a nursing home. She did not die in the home but, was brought to hospital when she became sick. She is believed to have stuck around the home and continues to communicate with people to this day. One story that one of the necklaces above her bed lights up. People have also heard shuffling as she walked with a walker and have heard noises. Another story was of Jeffery a little boy who stayed there when Hillview was a poor farm. His room is set up with toys and other trigger objects. He is said to have moved the ball playing a game of roll it back and fourth with one of the investigators from the location. A truly sad story was of Amanda who loved  the birds everyday she would come out to the large windows to watch her birds. Amanda also had dementia one day she came out to see her birds and tumbled to her death down the steep cement steps toward the basement, When asked by a psychic visitor one time "that was a long way to fall? Wasn't it Amanda?" the response was "yes it was" There was also a tale of a couple of pranksters that used to share a room when it was a seniors home. The manor closed in 2004 and was bought by the now owner Carrie's mother in 2005 she was going to turn into condos. She herself passed in 2006 at which point several paranormal teams contacted Carrie and her brother about doing investigations. Since then they have allowed teams and tourists from all over to come and check the place out.

Once our tour was over we were set free on the location. My mom and I chose to try and stay off the beaten path and not run into to many of our fellow investigators (nice people but bad for sound). We started off in the Atrium, moved to Mary Virginia's room then to the chapel as well as Jeffery's room. All spots offered some readings on the EMF some even had some strange feelings attached to them. The building is quite large and we made some stops along the way we also made several retreats to the "green room" the ONLY room with heat in the whole place.....Did I mention we found snow along the way in Erie PA so yeah it was cold. 

Our last stop was the basement we had been told by Bella-Donna that there was definitely some action down there. Normally when we'd go to a spot like this there would be several people also down there, but not this night it was just my mom and myself. One small light casting some illumination. As soon as you walk in you can feel a difference in the air (it also smells of mold so of course you at first believe its just that) we were not down there more "yes" I responded and again it flicked from side to side and more noise. I of course was asking questions when the room seem suddenly darker and my mom and I put our backs toward the wall and I was still asking questions getting responses through the EMF. I have been on a few of these now and this was honestly the most proof I had ever received!!!! Already excited and slightly nervous LOL we stood there asking our questions sounds moving around the room. Suddenly my mom stomach got the feeling of a roller coaster at the same time I felt something touch my hair, I said this out loud and my Moms response " we are out!" and with that she took off up the stars like a bat out of hell leaving me behind......LMAO 

I have waited forever for evidence like this a true experience of my own!!! It was AMAZING and SCARY all at the same time and I loved it......Wait it gets even better!! Too tired to go through everything there (bus did not come until 4:45AM) I didn't check anything until the next afternoon, Of course the first recording I listened to was the basement and to my shock right there on my digital recorder WE CAUGHT AN ACTUAL EVP!!! no JOKE We are pretty sure it says hello I check and triple checked it is not my mom or my voice and since we were alone that leaves one only option.







HILLVIEW MANOR was truly an amazing place to visit. I would love to go back again and hope to in the future. This place definitely gets two thumbs up!

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