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Teacher from the Dark Side

Teacher from The Dark Side

What happened to the days when teachers taught our children? When a child needed extra help, it was there before school, after school I knew teachers to even stay in on their lunch breaks. Now a days it seems people decide to be teachers to have the summers off and the great pension plan! They no longer care about our children, their grades or their futures. My frustration on this topic started last year when my oldest daughter (Sarah) as taking grade, 9 French, her teacher at the time was not a French teacher and in fact not even taken a class on it herself in 10 years. She used Google translator daily and used this resource to mark the children’s work. Now how can a person possibly recognize if a child requires aid or is cheating if she herself can not understand the very work she is teaching. The ANSWER IS she can’t! Thankfully my daughter had taken French Immersion until grade 6 so she still maintained her grades and was able to get through the school semester. As for the kids without that solid background, Well let’s just say I pity them.
Now for the real winner her grade 10 math teacher who I will not name for the sake of my daughter, I have not even had dealings with her in person and already can not stand her. In fact, my daughter prefer I not talk to her in person as I tend to just say what I am thinking at the moment and my thoughts about her are not very nice to say the least. The sad truth is at the beginning of the year I was defending her choices which I c=quickly learned is what I believe to be a major ego trip on her behalf. Firstly, she told the kids even those who take the bus that they must come to school before 8 AM if they expect any extra help. She teaches a lesson in class and then hands out homework that odes not even match what she taught that day. It took us 4 hours to complete 6 questions the other night. When I emailed about my concern for my daughters as issues (the teacher told her perhaps she needed a tutor, she is a straight A student including her grade 9 math) she responded with a snotty email. I reached out once again after Sarah brought home a test she did poorly on, of course the teacher did not take up the answers nor supply them on the test just wrote rude remarks for comments. Once again, I was responded to with a snotty retort. This time I was mad maybe the issue is not my child, maybe the issue is your attitude told her the children are even afraid to approach you, you make them feel like they are stupid because they can not all do things in their head like yourself. I suggest you check the attitude at the door and maybe take some pride in your work. Do you not want to see these children succeed the sad part is I really don’t think it matters in the least as along as the summer vacay is paid for!!!!!
I’ sure most parents feel the same my child is my number one concern. I would do anything for them including harass a teacher until she feels the need to call a principle meeting. Little did she know that was exactly what I wanted. I have photo copies of the tests with the snide comments etc. She has no idea what she is in for when Mamma bear gets mad you better watch the fuck out!

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